Shea butter is a natural, luxurious and holistic product to enhance for your natural beauty.

What is shea butter?

It is a butter which is extracted from shea tree’s nuts, also called Karite tree or tree of life. Mostly, shea butter comes from the African region because it is native to West Africa. 

Benefits of shea butter for skin

Shea butter is a wonderful cosmetic ingredient. It is a great source of fatty acids and vitamins which makes it an awesome product for soothing, conditioning, and smoothing your skin.

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Because it is an all-natural product, it does not have any chemical irritants that can dry out the skin and or clog pores. It is safe and works well all skin types.

It is used for moisturizing effects. When you apply natural shea butter onto your skin, it is quickly absorbed by your skin. It acts as a refatting agent that restores lipids and quickly creates moisture. It restores a healthy barrier between your skin and the outside elements and reduces the risk of dryness for your skin.

Shea butter consists of oleic and linoleic acid’s high level. Both acids balance each other out and makes shea butter easily absorbs into your skin and your skin doesn’t look oily after applying.

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Shea butter’s ester plant has anti-inflammatory properties. Usually, it helps in minimizing irritation, which is caused by environmental factors, such as eczema and dry weather.

Shea butter has good levels of vitamin E and A. These are antioxidants which are tremendously essential for the skin because of their anti-aging properties. It protects dull-looking skin and premature aging. 

The exclusive composition of Shea Butter helps maintain the natural balance of oils present in your skin, which can help stop acne before even it starts.

Shea butter is usually used as a base in creams or in ointments which are prepared commercially for the treatment of stretch marks. The reason behind this is that it reduces and prevents stretch marks that are formed due to weight gain or weight loss or during pregnancy. 

Its application saves skin’s natural elasticity, it is a natural softener. Everyday massage on the affected area with the skin recovery butter can lessen stretch marks. 

Shea butter is easily absorbable and provides great moisture for lips care all year around especially during dry weather conditions and cold season. That is why it is a a great lip balm and is powerful for treating chapped and dry lips. 

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Shea Butter contains plenty of benefits for hair care as well!! So, let us discuss some of its hair benefits as well.

Benefits of shea butter for hair care

Let us dig a little bit deeper into some benefits of this miraculous butter for your hair care. Some of the benefits of shea butter for hair care are as follows: 

The existence of vitamins E and A makes shea butter an exceptional product for moisturizing your hair from roots to ends. 

Shea butter is great for revitalizing and smoothing brittle hair. Massaging your hair with shea butter will get you smooth, luscious, and silky hair. 

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Numerous chemical treatments such as perms, curlers and straighteners are the reason behind losing natural moisture from your hair. So, shea butter can assist in restoring the lost moisture of your hair. 

Similarly, it also prevents harsh weather conditions to affect your hair. Shea butter also has a low SPF that is enough for the protection of your hair from sun damage, which happens due to getting in contact with ultraviolet radiation. 

Shea butter treats the damage that has been already caused by the sun and the harsh weather. This is because when shea butter is absorbed, it coats the hair shaft so that it’s protected from a heat source or another harmful treatment for hair. This is particularly beneficial for colored or processed hair. It also secures the hair against chlorine and salt when implemented before swimming.

Its fatty acids improve hair and scalp by reducing hair fall and make your hair follicles stronger. Your hair will grow thicker and feature a natural shine when you use shea butter.

It is effective in relaxing a dry, irritated scalp or dandruff. It has anti-inflammatory abilities and rich fats which is effective in remedies from scalp psoriasis or dry scalp.

Shea butter exerts regenerative and moisturizing effects on the scalp and hair. It strengthens the hair strands and lessens hair breakage. Also, being rich in vitamins E and A, it soothes dry hair and repairs its split ends.  

How to apply shea butter on hair

The raw form of shea butter can also be applied straight away to your hair. If your hair is porous or curly by nature, you can consider the usage of shea butter as a conditioner. Ensure your hair has absorbed the maximum amount of the shea butter before styling and rinsing as normal. You may also use a small quantity of shea butter as a conditioner as well. 

Purchase and Storage

Buy it in an unrefined and raw form. When shea butter is processed greatly, it loses a lot of all-natural properties. SANSE has a range of products that are sure to excite you. Storage your shea butter at or below room temperature. Therefore, it can easily be spread and stays solid.

Let us know if you have any questions about our Shea butter. The SANSE community is here for you!!!