about us

About Us

At SANSE, which means “Bold Beauty”, we believe in making a difference by creating positive change in women’s lives. We are a socially conscious beauty care company dedicated to serve, uplift and celebrate women around the world.

We create for women, natural, nourishing and high quality skincare products. All of our products are made of sustainably sourced ingredients from Africa and around the world, free of harmful chemicals and grow with care.

We are committed to women’s well being and to the attainment of their full potential. Supporting women is foundational to a strong, joyful and prosperous society.Therefore, as a social enterprise, we strive to create a virtuous cycle of care and empowerment for women. So when you purchase our products, you care for yourself and you also support fellow women, from across the world,  access economic opportunities and improve their lives and their communities.

our vision

Authentic, nurtured and radiant womanhood all around the world.

our mission

To create for women, holistic, natural and luxurious beauty care products made of sustainably sourced plant based ingredients so they can connect with their most authentic selves,radiate their bold beauty and manifest their amazing power to positively uplift themselves and their communities.

our core values